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From: The Desk of Claire,

Hi My Name is Claire and I want to share an exciting Children's Writing Home Study Course © that teaches you how to write a children's book which will give you an unrivalled sense of achievement, while enchanting children all over the world with stories of fire breathing dragons, talking animals, fairies and spirited princesses. Perhaps you will write an enduring classic, or series of childrens books that will be loved and read for generations!…

This Comprehensive Writing For Children Home Study Course Shows You How to Publish Childrens Books, and Become a Full Time Children's Writer from Home!

Writing for children is a massive industry that continues to grow. It's also an old myth that writing children's books is a female activity, dating back to the times of Enid Blyton and Beatrix Potter. Many great children's authors today are also men. It is common knowledge that well known men and women established authors like JK Rowling, SE Hinto and Nick Butterworth that have created fortunes with their passions of writing children's books!

Many children's story books writers continue to earn huge royalties and some of these stories have even been made into television shows and full length films; with spin off of merchandise made for these characters... So can you imagine the thrill of creating a character in one of your children's books and later seeing them become a film star or in their own television series? Think for a minute are 'Thomas the Tank Engine' and 'Postman Pat' or even 'Noddy' such brilliant creations that you could not have thought them up yourself? What about the now famous 'Harry Potter' by J.K Rowling?


The Market for Children's Story Books is Vast, With Over 14 Million Children of School Age in the UK, Over 100 Million Children in Europe Overall and in the US Over 60 Million Children.

This alone shows you how huge writing story books for children is, and its hardly as competitive as writing for adults! Children's books have a higher than average chance of getting published, and the rewards can be extremely lucrative and long lasting. What's more, published children's books can stay in print for over a decade and even longer; earning the author a lifelong income!

* Children's Books Don't Have to Be Long Either, and Just a Short Story of a Few Hundred Words Can Become Hugely Popular and Profitable!

Researching writing for kids and coming up with simple ideas for a story is easy, and how many times have you read a children's book with your child thinking "I could have written that or something even better?"

Children's Story Books Sell in the 10's of Millions!…

Its normally unusual to hear about the sales figures of children's books but JK Rowling with 'Harry Potter' as an example has sold over 40 million books, and another book 'Charlottes Web' sold over 10 million copies for the author. There are many other established children's authors and You could learn how to write a childrens book and have the same unlimited potential.

>>>Now allow Me to Now Stress One VERY Important Point!<<<


I could go on and on but lets step back for a minute and let me tell you about our writing for kids home study course. What you will learn about writing for children can turn you from a raw novice into a paid, published, and well respected childrens author with the income generated from that allowing you to enjoy an enviable lifestyle.
'The Writing For Children Home Study Course © ' has been developed by Tony Bradman and Peggy Woodford, both successful childrens books authors, with dozens of published books to their credit. 'The Bluebeards', 'Sam the Girl Detective', and 'Dilly the Dinosaur' have been penned by Tony Bradman, while Peggy Woodford has titles for older children including the 'Monster in our Midst', 'Abrahams legacy', and 'The Girl with a Voice.

The Course Advisors…

Tony Bradman

Tony Bradman was born in london in 1954 and went to study at Cambridge University. Today he reviews childrens books for 'The Daily Telegraph'and has edited a number of highly successful anthologies of stories, and also poetry for children. His first children's book was published in 1984, and well over a million of his books have been sold and continue to sell. He is also in the top ten of books borrowed from public libraries. Some further examples of his many titles include 'One Nil' Smile Please, Tommy Niner Series, and over 14 Dilly the Dinosaur titles.

Peggy Woodford

Peggy Woodford was born in 1937 in Shillong and read english at St Annes College and wrote her first best seller 'Abrahams Legacy' which was published in 1963. She has worked on scripts and research for the BBC and has been a senior tutor at Padworth College Reading where she taught English for three years. Peggy is married with three daughters, and pursues a successful writing career. Some of her published titles include 'The Real Thing', 'Monster in our Midst', 'Blood and Mortar' and 'See You Tomorrow'!

*Throughout the Childrens Writing Home Study Course © , Well Known Authors Like These Share Their Secrets to Writing for Children Success!

You will learn what to write about, what age groups to target, how to approach publishers, the secrets of writing mystery, horror, adventure and fun stories for children. Learn how to choose pen names, prepare manuscripts, negotiating lucrative publishing deals, and lots more; all covered in this detailed home study course.

This Course is EVERYTHING YOU NEED To Start a Successful Career Writing for Children!


How to Make a Childrens Book

Writing Techniques Guides!

Full Guides Showing How To Write for Children, What to Write, and Where to find the best ideas for topics!

Latest Tips from well Known Authors!

Well Known Established Authors Share their Secrets to Writing Children's Books that Sell, and Share Many Other Tips.

Learn How and Where to Publish!

Guides to Publishing Houses That Will Help you Publish and Get Exposure for Your Childrens Books!

Cash In Writing For Yourself!

Complete Easy to Follow and Work Through Step by Step Childrens Writing Home Study Lessons!


Every Requirement you Need to Get Started
Writing Successful Childrens Books!

You Can Order This Complete Writing For Children Home Study Course © Only Available from Treetop Publications...

This Course Includes Secrets Like:

freelance writing for money The most saleable story book names and how to tap into them if making money is your priortity,

freelance writing from homeHow to choose an age group and learn what they really want in story telling,

freelance writing from homeThe little known power in the names you give your characters,and children book ideas,

how to start freelance writing online Learn why some kids stories sell millions, and others hardly cover writing costs (*The Answer May Suprise You!)

There is tons more tips, and secrets, from esteemed authors that you need to know to become a successful, and of course profitable writer of childrens story books! Today You Can Learn How to Make a Living Writing and Publishing Childrens Books!

There is lots of money to be made in your writing career writing full length children story books or even writing childrens short stories for magazines, newspapers and schools. Earn even more doing additional tasks like helping others edit and publish books, writing scripts for kids plays, or even creating children educational courses. That is just the TIP of the iceberg!


*Now You Can Also Get The Secrets To Becoming a Successful Writer of Children's books, and Later Even Become a Well Known Author Writing For Children!*

The course is split up into 12 easy to digest lessons, leaving nothing out, each section teaching you a fascinating detail of writing children's story books. Even if you are a beginner that is no problem, because everything is covered from the basics to advanced levels, making the home study course suitable for everyone. Once you become experienced in writing childrens books, you can begin a series, and even sell children related content to web-masters, authors, teachers, parents, and to the press...

There will always be tons of ways to make a living writing for children, and if you learn the right skills to write quality work, childrens book publishers will approach you to publish your books and from this you could earn super royalties ongoing!

No Stone is Left Unturned in Our Training..!

*At the end of each lesson tasks have been assigned to help you self test thus evaluating what you have learned and through this you will gain the confidence you need. With this being a home study course you can do it at your own pace and in your own time with no internet connection required either.

*Working from home full time is a dream everyone has and today you can take that first step in making this become a reality! Story writing for kids is a fun creative way for anyone to make money from home while children learn to read and enjoy wonderful magical stories you have written.

*Even if you have a full time job; you can complete the course when you can in the evenings, and as you begin writing your kids story books with confidence, your ideas will begin to flow, and you will end up with exciting fun, childrens stories and characters that all children are going to love!

Now you Get The Real Secrets to Start Writing in Demand Popular Children's Books!

Are you ready to get your hands on this powerful course, complete with all the training you need to make your own children's book, discovering the secrets that will show you how to become a successful established children's storybook author?"..


PLUS!... if you want to add a bonus of some sorts here let me know!

(extra info if any.. and Start Learning How to Write Childrens Books Today!)

There are NO monthly membership fees to pay to get your hands on this specialwriting for children home study course packed with well known authors secrets for your writing success.

To Get Started as a successful childrens story books writer, you are going to be delighted with 'The Writing For Children Home Study Course © ' from TREE TOP PUBLICATIONS, THAT HAS EVERYTHING YOU NEED! You Would pay big money for such a detailed comprehensive course anywhere else BUT When you see how affordable this is you will definitely take advantage of our special offer and order today!

Ready To Start Enjoy Writing for Children? Then Get Access To this Amazing Home Study Course from Treetop Publications That Helps Anyone, EVEN Beginners to Start Learning How to Write Children's Books and Earn a Great Living Doing so Including Extras Like...

Learn Writing for TV

Guides showing you how to learn how to write for Television, theater and film scripts that can earn you big money!

Magazine Writing

Learn techniques on writing short children stories for magazines like an expert, and getting published.

Images and Illustrations

Guides to finding beautiful illustrations and images for your books, or how to find skilled people to do these for you.

Writing to Sell

Learn how to approach different publishing houses to get published, and techniques on how to sell your stories!

Starting Out

Get hot tips on what to write about, the types of stories that are popular and how long your story books should be.

Plus Tons More!

High Value training about every form of childrens books writing that is easy to understand and apply.


Start Working From Home Writing Children's Books!

Childrens Writing Training

Children's Writing

The Complete Course to Writing Children's Books.
How to make a childrens book

Easy To Follow

Apply Secrets from established Successful Authors.
How to write a childrens book

Beginner Friendly

Complete Instructions for beginner to advanced!
Story writing for kids

Story Ideas

How to find story ideas for writing Children's books.
Writing Childresn books

Easy Lessons

Fun and Interesting lessons every step of the way.
How to get a Childrens Book Published

Publisher Contacts

Valuable resources including publishing houses.
How to write a kids book

Self Testing

Self testing after each lesson to show your progress!
How to make money as a childrens writer

At Your Own Pace!

Complete your Home study course at your own pace!

Ready To Get Started?

You Can Learn How To Start Making Money Writing for Children Today!

'The Writing For Children Home Study Course © ' from TREE TOP PUBLICATIONS, gives you ALL necessary resources for learning how to start making money as an author writing children's books!

PLUS..MOST IMPORTANTLY, a Guide Showing You Where to Access REAL publishing companies plus other valuable resources nowhere else available!

Expert coaching from well known established authors is wuithin this course, and these secrets will show how it is possible to make a super lifelong income with children's books.

BEGINNER? Don't Know HOW to Write Anything?

That's no problem either, because 'The Writing For Children Home Study Course © ' from TREE TOP PUBLICATIONS, covers everything you need to know, from how to write, what to write about, how to get children book ideas, and how to hone your writing skills, plus lots more!

Today you get a Short-cut to help even the most inexperienced writer learn how to profit from writing children's books. Take advantage of this training to learn how to earn a full time income from Home! Get EVERYTHING you need in coaching to start writing for children, part time to full time, if that is your ultimate goal!

If you are ready to work hard, and have a desire to learn how to become a good writer, 'The Writing For Children Home Study Course © '
from TREE TOP PUBLISHERS, will teach you what you need to know!

*****Watch ThisExample of a Short Story Idea Video!*****

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'The Writing For Children Home Study Course © ' from TREE TOP PUBLICATIONS is easiest way to start making money from home and ANYONE can learn Don't buy 'The Writing For Children Home Study Course © ' from TREE TOP PUBLICATIONS if you are not going to use it!

You Get The Exact Same Writing Coaching You Will Pay Big Bucks For in a College or Online Classes!

Start Writing Children's Books the Right Way With all the Tools to help you Achieve Success... PLUS the Newest Writing Secrets that Meet Today's Current Trends!














These testimonials are from people that purchased ''The Writing For Children Home Study Course © ' from TREE TOP PUBLICATIONS emailed to me, and can be verified, but no photos were supplied.
The pictures below are generic images.

Writing books for Kids

Monica Dusantos

Whitney Oxford

I kept sending my work to magazines, and they kept sending it back. I invested in your home study course which I have enjoyed very much, and after applying some of the tips within it I have had my story finally accepted. This Home study course had simply everything I needed to succeed!

How to Make your Own Childresn Book

A Bar


I was blown away at the value when my home study course arrived. I have ideas already brimming in my head, and have a basic outline for a series of wonderful books I am going to write to thrill the kids that read them! Two thumbs up to a Home study course I will recommend far and wide.

How to start writing for kids

D. Sayers

West York

Wow this course was exceptional value for money and extremely well put together and presented making it easy to follow along! I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone interested in becoming an author of childrens books. Great and easy to work through and hard to put down! Thankyou.

how to start writing a kids book

N Evans


After completing the course I find it fabulous value for money, and if you asked me to put a price on the knowledge I have gained I would have added a zero on the price I paid! Powerful stuff that is not readily available anywhere, so I am extremely happy that I discovered your site online

Unique One of a Kind ' Writing For Children Home Study Course © ' from TREE TOP PUBLICATIONS!

Follow proven ways to writing for children with guidance lessons from well known established authors, and you could achieve full time WORK FROM HOME status earning MORE than a measly salary in a job with a lousy boss to answer to!

How to Write a kids book Complete Coaching Guides to Childrens Writing!
Writing a Childrens Book Secrets to Getting Your Work Published !
Childrens Book Publishers Learn What to Write About and How to Get Fabulous Book Ideas!
How to Write a Childrens Book Create Multiple Income Streams from Publishing and Royalties!

So How Much is This Going To Cost Me?

I could easily charge premium rates for this amazing training like colleges and universities do which means you would have to pay a few thousand Pounds! Nope I am not going to do that because Treetop Publications mission is to make training guides accessible to everyone!

You Can Get the Complete Home Study Course with the Exact Tools and Coaching that Well Know established authors apply to Start a Profitable Career writing for Children from Home for JUST £148.00

That's RIGHT, not £997, or Even £257, You get EVERYTHING for £148.95, and After Secure 0nline Payment your Course will be Safely Shipped to your door IMMEDIATELY!

Writing For Children Home Study

Childen writing Home Study


Yes! You can earn Money Writing Childrens books and become a successful author!

However some people will not use the material properly, or put the necessary effort, or apply the principles, in order to earn money as an author and by law this disclaimer needs to be shown for my protection.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and it's potential. Even though this industry is one of the few where one can write their own check in terms of earnings, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials.

Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, ideas, techniques and the effort put forth. We do not purport this as a "get rich scheme."

Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned, knowledge and various skills. Since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level.

Materials in our product and our website may contain information that includes or is based upon forward-looking statements within the meaning of the securities litigation reform act of 1995. Forward-looking statements give our expectations or forecasts of future events.

You can identify these statements by the fact that they do not relate strictly to historical or current facts. They use words such as"anticipate," "estimate," "expect,""project," "intend," "believe," "plan," and other words and terms of similar meaning in connection with a description of potential earnings or financial performance.

Any and all forward looking statements here or on any of our sales material are intended to express our opinion of earnings potential. Many factors will be important in determining your actual results and no guarantees are made that you will achieve results similar to ours or anybody else’s, in fact no guarantees are made that you will achieve any results from our ideas and techniques.

Results vary, and as with any money-making opportunity, you could make more or less. Success in ANY money-making opportunity is a result of hard work, time and a variety of other factors. No express or implied guarantees of income are made by Treetop Publications and its members Thank you..

I do wish you every success in making money with writing for children and if you purchase this home study course there is no reason why you cannot!

Need Help or Support?
Writing for kids Home Study Course

Wishing You Every Success

Writing for children is a super and simple way to earn extra money, or even create a full time work from home career! The only real way to success is having the right tools and coaching, and now you have a chance to get everything you need! Thank you for visiting Treetop Publications